Leading care technology companies, Hayylo and Umps, have announced a partnership to integrate their technologies and enable care providers to adapt to the new Support at Home reforms.

Both companies have a strong commitment to the sector, having worked closely with leading care providers to co-design technology now being used by tens of thousands aged care consumers.

The integration brings together Hayylo’s purpose-built care service platform with the Umps Link, a new smart home and personal alarm technology. Care insights generated by the Umps Link will be available natively in the Hayylo platform, enabling care providers to embed this information into their operating model.

Hayylo customers will also be able to engage clients directly through the Umps Link Hub, opening a new communication channel that doesn’t rely on people to answer their phone or check an SMS.

The Umps Link is also a market leading personal alarm. With an estimated 300,000 Australians already using a personal alarm today, Hayylo’s partnership with Umps means that customers will be able to leverage this safety-critical connection into the home to deliver greater value to their clients.

Greg Satur, CEO of Hayylo: “Our goal has always been to help teams, customers, families, and the wider community networks reach each other easily. Therefore we (Hayylo) are always investing in enabling our customers through an eco-system of partners that can deliver more capabilities to support care teams in their delivery of services across our communities. Umps, being a leading next-gen solution, can complement our customers by allowing them to understand more about what’s happening in the home and provide a simple channel for clients to engage with their providers digitally”

Hayylo is the next generation of customer service platforms built to service the care sector by enabling teams to stay on top of escalating demands across community care, whilst driving communication and transparency for clients and their families.

Adam Jahnke, CEO of Umps: “We are working closely with care providers as they prepare for Support at Home, and as new guidelines are made available about the implications on service models”. In addition to new funding proposed for “remote monitoring”, technology can play a key role in workforce management and developing care plans that evolve as people’s needs change. Our partnership with Hayylo means that Hayylo and Umps customers will be able to build efficient workflows on top of our real-time insights. Ultimately, this will lead to better care outcomes and less waste”.

Umps develops smart home technology to make care more responsive, resilient, and scalable. Their new platform, the Umps Link, brings together a certified personal alarm and wellbeing monitoring over a single smart home platform.