As teams across Australia look at the technology that underpins their businesses across community care, through conversations with many Aged and Disability care providers, we wanted to share some of the insights that we are hearing to help with the daunting task of replacing a deeply embedded core system.

Keeping customers top of mind

Care Management Systems typically perform a core set of functions to help Aged and Disability care providers operate their business.  With rostering / scheduling, billing and finance being the core features that all care providers need, Care Management Systems focus here providing ways for teams to run the day-to-day business.

When considering a change of Care Management System, leaders across Australia are looking to understand what the impact will be across their business and more so, customers.  With typical implementations taking between six to twelve months on average, the amount of resource required from provider teams can be significant given most teams are small and don’t have access to larger project focused teams specialized in this area.

What are teams doing about this?

One of the overlooked areas of pressure within care provider operations, is the customer service function. Whilst traditionally thought of as specific customer service team members, customer service spans the entire organization and touches anyone that interacts with customers.  With over 60% of daily effort across provider teams being in relation to communication, which is a part of customer service, many teams are now looking to streamline and support those teams by implementing care service platforms like Hayylo to ensure teams have the space and capacity to manage the daily workload and be key members of a care management system upgrade project.

In fact groups have seen that by reducing manual and repetitive tasks associated with customer service, it can free up between 30%-40% of team members valuable time.    This time can then be allocated to other key projects reducing the impact on teams.

Hayylo is a leading care service platform that connects clients and families to teams, removing repetitive tasks, keeping everyone informed saving time, effort and cost.  If you are going through or planning an upgrade reach out to us to find out more about how to support your team, head over to or reach out at