Market conditions are pushing teams to think differently and get going on enhancing their offering to customers.  We met with Kirstie Lee – Chief Experience Officer for a Western Australian based provide SensesWA, who shared their focus and some of the impacts of their desire to drive a better experience for customers.

Who is SensesWA?

SensesWA is a leading not-for-profit organisation, providing disability services to the Western Australian community since 1895. Every day, the dedicated team at SensesWA help over 1,200 children and adults with a wide range of disabilities reach their full potential.  With a wide range of services and a growing team, it was important to further connect teams and customers and lay the foundations of a customer service mentality across the organisation.

“Communication and engagement was largely reliant on email”

Kirstie shared that prior to Hayylo, communication and engagement with customers (and staff) was largely done via email.  She described this as “largely unmeasurable” which is a common attribute of care teams across Australia.  With most teams focused on email and telephone, the lack of insight into what has happened with a particular customer which is needed to support future needs, really hampers teams ability to provide high levels of service.

“We found that at times, emails were not being read” mentioned Kirstie when we discussed the importance of customer service across the organization.  The impacts being missed customer promises, complaints all of which impacts core business metrics.

A KPMG study found that organizations that strike a balance of customer service investments, see material impacts on their revenue.  At Hayylo we think of this in simple terms:

  • Support your customers well, this leads to streamlined service (as happy customers are easier to support and create less stress for teams) and increased revenue, as customers are the number one source of future revenue through referrals and repeat business.

How did they do it?

By laying the foundations of customer service first with the Hayylo care service platform, it has allowed SensesWA to now have a measurable view on how the teams are working together across intake and other areas.  Where previously there was no way to understand demand, or service levels, the teams now have access to a rich set of data to help managers and team members understand demand and pre-empt customer sentiment.

For many provider teams relying on email as a way to manage customer enquiries between teams, enquiries can get lost, there is no way to track progress, and it is difficult to understand workload. This leads to customer complaints and more work trying to figure out what happened. The Senses WA teams now use Hayylo Actions to log customer enquiries and link them to a client profile.  This allows for easy collaboration among teams and makes it easy to find specific enquiries using an action number. Additionally, everything is organized and categorized, allowing teams to track where their efforts are going.

In addition, Scheduling teams must frequently change visits and contact customers, which takes a lot of time and resources away from scheduling and improves customer satisfaction.  Hayylo Notify automatically informs customers of visit changes through SMS and company apps, allowing scheduling teams to spend more time managing changes to the schedule, resulting in better service for both frontline workers and customers.

By laying the foundations of customer service it now allows teams such as SensesWA to start looking at further ways to engage their communities driving up satisfaction and increasing business opportunities.

Hayylo is a leading care service platform that connects clients and families to teams, removing repetitive tasks, keeping everyone informed saving time, effort, and cost.   If you are a Disability provider looking to engage your communities,  reach out to us to find out more about how to support your team, head over to or reach out at