Today most care teams use email as way to manage customer enquiries. Whether they be requests to change or cancel services, share feedback or request goods and services, email has been shown to not be an efficient way of managing customer enquiries.

Things can get lost, it can be hard to know who’s working on what, finding and tracking enquiries to completion is difficult all of which increases the workload on your team.  Sifting through email trails to try and work out who said what and when, leads to customer complaints and even more work.

With Hayylo Actions, teams have a centralised place to manage customer requests that’s tracked and easily allows them to collaborate with other people in your organisation.

Take a quick look at how Hayylo is helping providers manage customer and team enquiries here:

Hayylo is a leading care service platform that connects clients and families to teams, removing repetitive tasks, keeping everyone informed saving time, effort and cost.  If you are going through or planning an upgrade reach out to us to find out more about how to support your team, head over