Bene Aged Care comes from strong Italian roots, servicing over 2500 South Australian’s for more than 45 years. Being a provider with a strong focus on supporting CALD communities, and a strong desire to further support customers and families through seamless communication and engagement, they are proud to be implementing Hayylo.

Hayylo’s Care Service Platform is being connected with the Alayacare Client Management System, aligned with Bene’s best of breed approach that not only enables their teams but the wider community of customers and families.

“We chose Hayylo and Alayacare as our joint solution because they work together seamlessly to create the best experience for our customers. Community is what makes Bene great and working across our CALD communities meant our offering needed to include customers and their families in the care experience”. Said Anne Higginson, Manager of Community Services.

“Allowing teams, clients, and their families to interact with each other in ways that are easy for them, whilst keeping everything organised means things don’t get missed. Our customers see huge reductions in complaints and can for the first time, really understand service levels which is key to growth” said Greg Satur, CEO of Hayylo.

The Hayylo Care Service platform is the only service platform purpose built for care. With integrations with all leading CMS tools across Australia, Hayylo is quickly becoming the market leader in care service technology. A topic that is now top of mind for providers with the upcoming support at home changes.

If you are interested in seeing Hayylo in action, get your link to the Hayylo overview here or visit our website.