Hayylo has a range of ways that help your teams communicate with customers easily.

Today customers have lots of questions across community services. Most of them are around who’s coming, when and simple requests to change or cancel visits. And teams typically have to call, or are sending e-mails or SMS from their phones.

With communciation coming and going from different places, things can get lost or missed.  It also takes lots of effort to ensure the customer record is updated with any communication. In fact we found that lots of teams are not logging all communication – a recent survey found that some teams simply use their case manager phones to send and receive SMS.

Hayylo is a leading care service platform that connects clients and families to teams, removing repetitive tasks, keeping everyone informed saving time, effort and cost.  If you are going through or planning an upgrade reach out to us to find out more about how to support your team, head over www.hayylo.com