Huon Regional Care, a leading care provider in Tasmania, has partnered with Hayylo, the only care service platform purpose-built for care, to provide a more personalised and customer-centric experience to its clients. This partnership sets the standard for care providers in Tasmania, demonstrating the importance of innovation and technology in the care industry today.

Huon Regional Care chose to implement Hayylo’s care service platform whilst the team consider a new client management system, highlighting their commitment to driving optimisation across their admin teams in the short term.

Greg Satur, CEO of Hayylo, explains that “It’s great to see another team passionate about streamlining the way their teams communicate with the community given that is a large part of community care effort”.  This is a game-changer for the care industry, where communication is key to providing exceptional care services.

With the Hayylo platform in place, Huon Regional Care can sustainably manage the day to communications across teams and clients in the community. The platform provides a range of features, including self-service, task management, messaging, and service change alerts, all in one central location. By using Hayylo, clients can stay informed, whilst providers focus on delivering the best possible care, leading to huge reductions in complaints, back-office efficiencies, and an improved understanding of service levels.

As a provider with a strong commitment to innovation and technology, Huon Regional Care’s partnership with Hayylo demonstrates the power of technology to enhance the customer experience and an acknowledgement that care service platforms are now a standard feature across community services. By helping teams reduced repetitive tasks and manual communication, care providers can provide better outcomes for their clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Hayylo can help you deliver exceptional care services to your clients and stay ahead of the workload across care service delivery, get your link to the Hayylo overview or visit our website.