Introducing Carrington Care

We recently caught up with Vicki Martins, Executive Manager of Community Care at Carrington Centennial Care, who has lead the Hayylo project for nearly two years now. It was a great opportunity to hear about the transformation and impact so we wanted to share the key points.

What lead you to implement a care service platform like Hayylo? 

We faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and bushfires, which highlighted the need for improved scheduling and communication. Our objective was optimise care coordination, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance the client and care worker experience. Our aim was to deliver exceptional care services while efficiently managing a large number of clients and services.

Why Hayylo and how is it going?

We recognised the need for a digital solution to streamline communication and scheduling processes, and chose Hayylo to support our transformation journey as they lead the space in care service. Hayylo provided tailored features like seamless communication channels, personalised client profiles, and enhanced inter team collaboration capabilities.

We have really embraced the platform and its been such a positive change within our organisation. We wanted to enhance our care services and client engagement so now that we have Hayylo, we have improved efficiency, enhanced communication, and increased satisfaction for both our clients and care workers.

What are the results you have seen so far?

The implementation of Hayylo has transformed our care coordination and client engagement for the better. Communication processes have significantly improved, allowing for timely updates and reduced miscommunication. We are proud to share that over 88% of our clients have adopted Hayylo, which demonstrates the positive impact its having.

How has Hayylo impacted your teams and clients? 

With Hayylo, our care workers are empowered with better visibility into client schedules, enabling effective planning and personalised services. This optimisation of care coordination has resulted in an elevated client experience and higher satisfaction levels among our clients.

By implementing Hayylo, we have successfully transformed our client engagement and care coordination, making significant strides in improving the overall care experience for both our clients and care workers.

We couldn’t imagine a world without it now!