Today we are going to talk about Hayylo actions and making it easy to collaborate between teams. Care admin teams play a vital role in providing quality services to their clients but the workload they face can often feel overwhelming and hard to manage. Team members provide countless hours of administration effort each day, usually relying on email to track and share work across people and teams.

With Hayylo Actions, all tasks, enquiries and communications are automatically tagged to c customer, even if it’s a family member. Everything is categorised, and assigned to the right team member, group, or department in addition to having a clear status such as In Progress or Done. Easily attach documents, add notes, and never need to scroll through email trails to work out where something is. You can even communicate with the clients, contacts, or support worker directly from the action itself. Actions allows people to filter and focus on the work that’s important to them and leave the rest to the other teams.

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