In recent years, client portals or community apps have witnessed a remarkable surge in adoption within the aged and community care sector. This trend can be attributed to several key factors including wide spread digital adoption that has revolutionised the way care services are delivered and experienced by both clients and their families. In this article we explore some of the projects they are changing the aged and community care sector across Australian.

Firstly what are client portals or community apps and why are they on the rise? Client and family apps offer a streamlined and transparent communication channel between care providers, their clients, and families. Real-time updates on care plans, schedules, and general communications enable clients and their family members to stay informed and involved in their care journey, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration with the care team.

These apps enhance the overall care experience by promoting personalised and person-centered services. Through interactive features, clients can actively participate in decision-making, expressing their preferences and needs, thereby promoting a greater sense of independence and autonomy. Client and family apps harness the power of technology to optimise care delivery and operational efficiency which has become essential as cost pressures rise across the sector. By streamlining administrative tasks, such as scheduling and billing, these technologies enable care providers to focus more on providing quality care, not the administration that surrounds them.

Lets take a look at a projects that are delivering huge savings for teams and better experiences for clients and their families.



Hayylo partners with Anglicare Southern Queensland to enhance client collaboration



“We transformed the way we engage with our clients and coordinate their care”



Tasmania Home Care Provider set to streamline how teams communicate with their communities



How Mercy Services used technology to better provide a human touch



South Australian provider Bene Aged Care invests in ways to better connect with their communities



Kingston City Council chooses homegrown tech and emerges as a pioneer provider to respond to the sector’s reform.



SummitCare partners with Hayylo to provide unified communication



How a disability provider changed the game


Its worth noting that whilst these apps provide a rich channel of communication between the provider and their communities, multichannel communication and back office service technology are required to enable engagement across the whole client cohort and efficiencies for your back office team. As outlined in these articles, great care service is more than an app, its a holistic approach to customer service across care.

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