In the realm of care services, time is invaluable. Administrative tasks often consume precious moments that could be better spent on client care. Hayylo is changing how care providers and clients interact. Let’s delve into how Hayylo’s effortless document signing process not only saves time, but amplifies client experiences and simplifies administrative duties.

  • Document Creation: Hayylo’s user-friendly interface allows care providers to share forms and agreements effortlessly.
  • Shareable Links Made Easy: Once documents are ready in your document signing tool, generate a shareable link.
  • Seamless Action Creation: Care providers can set actions for clients, ensuring timely document review and signature.
  • SMS Document Delivery: Hayylo’s SMS chat ensures clients receive the document links through personalised text messages.
  • Instant Confirmation: As clients digitally sign documents, they can send a confirmation texts.
  • Efficiency in Administration: Once documents are signed and actions are completed, the health team is updated automatically.

Hayylo transforms document signing into a time-saving, efficient process. By simplifying procedures, enhancing client engagement, and easing administrative burdens, Hayylo empowers care providers to focus on delivering exceptional support. Say farewell to paperwork hassles and welcome a new era of streamlined document management across care services.