We had the pleasure of catching up with Erica Ramage, who leads Home Care business development at Southern Cross Care Tasmania, to discuss their recent integration of Hayylo and AlayaCare. This collaboration has enhanced care communication and service delivery across Southern Cross Care Tasmania, which is especially vital considering the challenges faced by aged and community care providers in the sector.


Smooth Integration with Hayylo and AlayaCare

Erica shared that “Transitioning from the previous system, Telstra’s Home Care Manager, to the AlayaCare platform was a big project for the organisation but the integration with Hayylo was simple and very well executed. It stood out as the least complicated part of our entire transformation”. Integration between platforms like Hayylo and AlayaCare provides aged and community care providers with a crucial advantage. Amid the pressures and challenges of transitioning systems, simplicity in integration significantly reduces the strain on organisations, enabling them to focus more on delivering quality care.


Client Empowerment at Its Best

“Hayylo has been an incredible boost for our clients. They love being in the loop with updates on their visits and services. It will be empowering for them to have real-time access to their care plans on their devices,” noted Erica. Empowering clients through real-time access to their care plans is especially important in aged and community care. As clients often require personalised and dynamic care, being informed about their care schedules and plans enhances their confidence and trust in the services they receive.


Empowering Our Support Workers

When asked about how they are thinking about attracting and retaining support workers, Erica explained that “Our goal is to empower our support workers with tools that make their life easier, now with Hayylo Alayacare we’ll achieve just that. It equips them with the information they need to provide the best care possible,”. Equipping support workers with the necessary information and service capabilities through platforms like Hayylo and AlayaCare is a strategic response to the sector’s challenges of attraction and retention. The care workforce needs to be well-informed and adaptable to provide effective care amid changing conditions.


Operational Efficiencies and Simplicity

Operational efficiency is a lifeline for providers facing resource limitations and increased demand for services. By simplifying operational processes, organisations can optimise their resource allocation and offer more comprehensive care. “The platform’s simplicity enhances our ability to manage schedules and changes efficiently. The operational efficiency and streamlining of processes are clear now that we have Hayylo,” highlighted Erica.


People and Technology, a Recipe for Success

“Embracing technology is essential in our sector. Hayylo’s integration with AlayaCare shows our commitment to innovation and providing advanced services for our clients,” shared Erica. Aged and community care providers are under growing pressure to stay current in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Integrations like Hayylo with AlayaCare allow providers to demonstrate their dedication to innovation, which is crucial for meeting the changing expectations of clients and regulatory bodies.


Final Takeaway from Erica

“Our journey with the Hayylo and AlayaCare integration has been incredibly rewarding. The transition was seamless, clients are empowered, and further operational improvements are on the horizon,” concluded Erica.