BaptistCare, who operates in NSW, ACT and WA, has announced a partnership with Hayylo that will enhance efficiency through better communication and elevate the customer experience across their growing communities.

With a focus on enabling teams and customers to seamlessly connect via Hayylo’s customer service platform and client portal, the partnership will initially span BaptistCare’s home care services, with a view to then expand into aged care homes, retirement living villages, community housing locations and other services across BaptistCare.

In light of the imminent changes in aged care, particularly the introduction of customer advisory bodies and the upcoming Support at Home initiatives, the project aligns seamlessly with the sector’s growing focus on customer-centred care.

Hayylo’s innovative platform will initially be integrated with AlayaCare across their home care communities and then rolled out across the other services, reflecting a broader trend of care providers adopting customer service technology to enhance communication and service coordination.

Sarah Newman, General Manager BaptistCare at home, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating: Great communication is such an important component of providing flexible and responsive home care. BaptistCare at home want to make it as easy as possible for clients and family members to access all the information they want about the services they are receiving, and request changes simply and easily. We investigated a number of options, and Hayylo stood out, not just for the quality of their technology, but also their approach to collaboration and partnership with us. On both sides we are excited about where this technology will take us, and the value it will hold for our clients.

Gregory Satur, CEO at Hayylo, shared his perspective on the partnership: “We are excited to support one of the leading organisations in Australia in their delivery of world class services to customer groups across NSW, ACT and WA. We look forward helping support the many thousands of BaptistCare customers now and into the future”.

Customer advisory bodies across the sector consistently emphasise the need for improved communication and collaboration with their care provider. This sentiment reflects a broader desire for enhanced connectivity and engagement, aligning perfectly with Hayylo’s mission to bridge the communication gap between providers and their clients and BaptistCare’s dedication to delivering exceptional, person-focused care.

About Hayylo

Hayylo stands at the forefront of transforming the aged care landscape through its pioneering technology platform. Devoted to reshaping the industry, Hayylo offers innovative solutions that empower care providers to establish close and effective connections with their clients. Hayylo’s platform seamlessly integrates communication, advanced analytics, and streamlined service coordination. Discover more about Hayylo’s transformative approach at

About BaptistCare

BaptistCare, which operates in NSW, ACT and WA, is a leading not-for-profit Christian- based care organisation that has been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage since 1944. We support over 24,000 people across more than 100 locations in NSW, ACT and WA. BaptistCare offers a range of services which include residential aged care, home care, retirement living, and community services, such as affordable housing, no-interest loans, and services for women and children escaping violence.

From humble beginnings, BaptistCare has grown into one of the nation’s most respected care providers, employing more than 6,000 people, with a further 600 volunteers.

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