The Challenge

The Shoreline, a prominent retirement living provider, recognised the need for enhanced communication to address the struggles clients and their families face. Traditional methods, including newsletters and phone calls, were proving ineffective, leading The Shoreline to find a modern solution for improved communication and community engagement.

The Shoreline aimed not only to modernise communications but also to future-proof their approach. They sought a platform that could provide a more dynamic and immediate connection with residents and families, moving beyond the limitations of emails and phone calls. The objective was to combat the common complaint in the industry – the lack of transparent and timely communication.

“For us, one of the key findings and continuous experiences we’ve had is clients struggling to get communications in a timely manner, and families having an avenue to communicate and engage with us easily.” Owen Lednor – The Shoreline


The Shoreline, dedicated to providing exceptional retirement living experiences, faced challenges delivering timely communications and engaging with residents and families effectively. The need for a comprehensive solution to modernise and future-proof communication processes led The Shoreline to partner with Hayylo.

Hayylo is a cloud-based platform for aged care, disability, home care, and retirement living providers. It offers a client and family portal and customer service platform to enhance provider, team, and resident connections. The platform’s flexibility allows tailoring to the specific needs of partner organisations. Collaborating with Hayylo, The Shoreline aimed to streamline operations and create an outstanding community experience.

The Results

The rollout and implementation of the Hayylo platform at The Shoreline were swift. Immediate improvements were observed in responsiveness to resident queries and maintaining transparent and efficient schedules.

The primary channel for The Shoreline is the Hayylo app, which serves as a comprehensive communication tool for residents. While text messages are utilised for urgent staff communications, the app takes precedence for its ability to offer persistent communication, fostering a sense of community within the retirement village.

Collaboratively, Hayylo and The Shoreline developed strategies to keep residents updated, gather feedback, and involve them more closely in community services. Team members reported reduced stress and improved engagement with residents and their families, marking a success for both parties.

Working with Hayylo has been a standout experience for The Shoreline. The monthly check-ins, personalised support, and the proactive approach to building reports have set Hayylo apart from other software providers. The Shoreline appreciates the friendly and responsive team at Hayylo, emphasising the value of having a partner that goes beyond faceless support. Owen Lendor – The Shoreline

The implementation of the platform has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the overall retirement living experience, creating a win-win situation for residents, families, and The Shoreline team.

If you want to see Hayylo in action, get your link to the Hayylo overview here or visit our website.