Client and family portals are increasingly essential in the dynamic world of aged and community care. Over 30% of providers now understand that integrating a customer service solution is crucial for delivering top-quality care and optimizing operational efficiency. The advantages are undeniable: better customer satisfaction, smoother processes, and stronger, more empowered care teams. Nevertheless, adopting new technology is a big step, and it’s vital to choose a partner that can offer genuine examples of successful adoption and clear ROI.

As providers nationwide plan their budgets for the new financial year, we want to share some important considerations and straightforward cost insights to help ensure the success of your client and family portal projects.

Understanding the Trend of Customer Service Technology in Care 

Customer service platforms have become critical in our industry, crucial for meeting the needs of an increasingly connected and informed client base. With changes on the horizon like the Support at Home Program and updates to the Aged Care Act, it’s clear that these technologies play a key role in maintaining high standards of care. More than just tools, they foster a transparent and trusting relationship between care teams, clients, and their families.

At Hayylo, we’re recognized for our commitment to enhancing aged and community care through technology. Our platform simplifies communication and coordinates care more efficiently, allowing care teams to focus on what’s most important—providing exceptional service. By streamlining routine tasks and centralizing communications, we help reduce the daily strain on staff, which improves responsiveness to clients’ needs and boosts overall satisfaction. This commitment to efficiency and quality enhances the caregiving experience for everyone involved, proving indispensable in today’s healthcare landscape.

Take, for example, Bene Aged Care who found that implementing Hayylo not only strengthened family communications but also improved operational efficiency. Since adopting our platform, they’ve seen a notable decrease in unnecessary reception calls, freeing up resources to enhance other areas of service. Similarly, Carrington recent audit showcased the significant compliance benefits of our platform, with auditors impressed by the improved client engagement and detailed regulatory adherence.

Budgeting for Technology: A Strategic Approach 

Service technology is revolutionising long-term care, helping providers deliver more client-focused and effective services. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about making a long-term investment in the quality of life and care for residents. When considering such technologies, it’s important to look beyond the initial costs to the broader impact on your operations, including gains in efficiency, reductions in errors, and improvements in client satisfaction.

To help with budgeting purposes Hayylo subscriptions average around $4 per client per month, with a small set up fee for configuration, integration and training. 

We offer a pricing model that scales with your growth—meaning the more your client base grows, the more cost-effective our services become. Our approach is straightforward: one comprehensive package that includes everything you need, with no hidden costs. This ensures that you pay only for what you need, and the costs are predictable and aligned with your growth. If you’re considering how best to budget for technology this year, we’re here to help. Let’s talk about how Hayylo can meet your needs, explore potential savings, and give you a clear breakdown of the costs involved. We’re here to make this transition as smooth and beneficial as possible.

Contact our sales team to get an accurate quote, including passed-through communication costs, setup fees, and the internal resources required for success. We’ll work with you to understand your specific requirements, discuss potential cost savings that Hayylo can offer, and provide a detailed pricing breakdown.