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How Hayylo is being used thoughout COVID-19

Throughout COVID-19, technology platforms have played a crucial role in keeping everyone better connected. Hayylo, is one of those platforms.

Innovative solution to COVID-19 within the age care sector

Aged care providers across Australia have felt the pressures of COVID-19 harder than most. As the situation has developed, service providers have been forced to innovate quickly, and adapt to the challenges presented to them. Hayylo is designed to make this transition to a more connected world, much simpler.

COVID-19 has taught us many lessons; like the importance of hand washing, human connection, and fresh air. It also taught us a lot about uncertainty, because life in a pandemic means what we know today might not be the same as tomorrow. It’s difficult to stay up-to-date when up-to-date seems to change by the hour.

Keeping teams and customers in the loop with important updates

Hayylo’s Broadcast SMS feature allows service providers to efficiently update customers on restrictions and security measures as they develop, removing the confusion when providing care.

It also allows aged care providers to swiftly respond to outbreaks and ensure that the families of customers are well informed. With just a click, Hayylo updates customers and teams with timely information. Whether it’s SMS blasts to an entire team, or push notifications to perfectly segmented audiences, it’s important that everyone remains in the loop.

Stay connected with ease through an intuitive social feed

The pain of adopting new technology has been felt by everyone, especially in aged care. Hayylo’s social feeds bring all communication into one place. Social feeds allow teams and families to stay connected with each other, and build a stronger sense of community.

With our in-app video calling, you can build a human connection, not just a digital one. All these features mean you can keep everyone connected and updated with ease.

COVID-19 has also taught us a lesson in compassion. It showed us the importance of checking in with loved ones during periods of isolation.

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By keeping everyone informed and connected, Hayylo reduces the amount of time spent calling customers and family members with just the click of a button. Streamlined communication keeps everyone in the loop so you can spend less time on manual tasks, and more time doing what you do best; providing care to your customers.

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