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Our award-winning customer experience platform is purpose built to help aged care teams connect, communicate, collaborate and never miss a customer promise.


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Maintaining effective engagement while delivering services powers a great customer experience, and like all good relationships, communication is the key.

With over 60% of customer communications reported as service changes, this hidden cost is a growing concern for providers.

hayylo’s purpose built platform automates communication between providers, customers and their families, ensuring your team never miss a customer promise.

hayylo means that your customers

  1. Are always kept in the loop and connected
  2. Have an increased sense of autonomy and transparency
  3. Feel heard, understood, respected and cared for
  4. Stay independent and less stressed

hayylo means that your team

  1. Can create deeper relationships
  2. Have increased morale and job satisfaction
  3. Reduce operational costs, call rates, hold times
  4. Can communicate, support and provide better services

"hayylo allows us to seamlessly connect our customers with our service delivery."

- HR and CEX Manager, NovaCare

Every journey is unique

Customers want tailored services to meet their unique needs – offer it to them.

Customers expect faster, more efficient ways to communicate with you – provide it to them.

Customers want to know what services you’re providing, and when – share it with them.

We know that communicating when services change is a leading cause of poor customer experience in care.

We know we can change that.

The hayylo platform delivers tailored engagements across every step of the customer journey through automated calls, personalised SMS and intelligent app updates.

Within just two years hayylo has attracted over 40,000 end users and an increasing list of care providers.

With our integration and automation:

  1. Less time is spent logging requests, meaning more time tending to customer needs and building connections.
  2. Less time is spent with customers on-hold, meaning better customer satisfaction through efficiency gains.
  3. Less time spent managing multiple systems, meaning enhanced insights, clearer focus and better use of operational resources.

"Now that we hayylo, it's allowed us to focused more on the customer."

- Customer Service Officer, integratedliving Australia

Technically simple tech

hayylo integrates with any provider tool, such as TCM, HCM, TRACCS and more. We listen for insights and services changes, updating customers and their loved ones through their preferred channels.

hayylo’s innovative and intelligent technology reduces uncertainty when things change, giving customers peace of mind while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

With an impressive ROI in the first 12 months,
hayylo is the smartest and fastest way to grow customer satisfaction.

Our purpose


hayylo’s branded and purpose-built customer experience platform is the first of its kind. This platform is customer focused and fully customisable to suit your unique business rules, regulations and needs.

hayylo encourages and maximises customer engagement, as well as delivering innovative technology that is capable of intelligent business analysis and customer engagement insights – all in one place.


Great customer service isn’t an outcome, it’s an experience, it’s how you make your customer feel.

Greater transparency

Deeper relationships

Seamless communication

Enhance insights

Customer Sentiment

Safe and secure

hayylo cultivates a customer centric work culture which, in turn, creates customer experiences to remember

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