Award Winning Customer Experience Platform

Hayylo improves communication between your organisation, your team, and your customers

Reduce ineffective communication

Day to day changes in a care organisation mean teams are losing time manually communicating routine updates and answering the same service questions

Working with leading national providers we found 60% of their day to day communication involved three things, who’s coming, when and can I change something.. The processes to manage these routine updates ate up valuable time and resources while driving up operational costs and increasing the risk of compliance issues. What’s more, team members were focusing their energy towards the same general enquiries, rather than focusing on opportunities to enhance their service and communication.

Hayylo increases efficiency and improves service for care organisations

We don’t believe in new technology for the sake of it. Every core feature of Hayylo was designed to simplify and streamline the care process by allowing providers to better navigate and automate their communication processes. In doing so, this reduces the operational costs that come with manual work.This begins with automating service changes, and extends to giving providers the power to push out important and emergency updates through a multi channel approach, and finally giving customers the option to take their care into their own hands through a custom branded app experience.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Drive exceptional Service by automating important changes and requests

All leading scheduling, client management and budgeting software works directly with Hayylo to power communication to customers, families, care teams and even GPs. Hayylo’s smart analysis engine identifies and creates appropriate Action tasks and notifications to go to the correct internal teams and customers without the need for manual work.

Broadcast important and emergency updates

Communicate with anyone on any channel to broadcast important and emergency updates

A multi-channel approach across SMS, email and push notification means no matter what channel they use your care team and customers are always reachable. Broadcast important and emergency updates, or push out new offers and services to the right people at the right time.


Empower customers, families and teams to do more with a Branded App experience

The Hayylo Customer Experience app puts each customer’s care directly into their own hands, giving them, their families and even their support teams immediate access to their services, schedules and more. The Hayylo platform and branded Apps are the latest in community care technology.

Hayylo, is a better way to provide care

We’ve brought in the best technology from other sectors to create better communication capabilities for providers, their support teams, their customers and their families to drive a better customer experience while reducing operational costs.