smart actions rise from intelligent software

The global shift to streamline, simplify and redesign the customer service experience by using intelligent software is here. Our Actions feature gives you the opportunity to move beyond other aged, disability and home health care providers. hayylo uses intelligent software that is configured uniquely to your business, that automatically generates and send actions to customisable groups for your team to work on. You control the level of automation and we create the business rules based on your unique organisational needs.  With smart actions you can support your customers in their home by working on the important things first and never missing an opportunity for great service.

make sure your team
never miss a beat


With hayylo’s customer experience platform, you can coordinate and manage home care with greater efficiency and ease. Managers and teams will receive an action each time a customer needs to be called about a service change, requests something, or completes an offer.  Who works on the action will depend on the customised business rules you’ve created using the automation engine. With hayylo, no request for assistance or customer need goes unnoticed.


feature benefits


  • improved scheduling efficiency by 27%
  • streamline the back office to free up additional resources
  • having a team that knows what to work on and when
  • report on your team efficiency and output
  • replace emails to track and action requests
Analyse and assess team response rates by monitoring service delivery against action tickets with hayylo’s customer experience platform analytics.
takes service delivery to the next level

More and more customers are opting for self service features when engaging service providers, because it’s quick and convenient. By logging into your branded app, customers can send queries and request services, which you will instantly receive and seamlessly process within the customer experience platform. This ensures that every customer request is received, prioritised and actioned by your managers and teams. Even if a customer isn’t on the app, hayylo will automatically create actions when a service change is requested and send it to the manager or team for processing. Every customer has a unique set of needs that must be managed. It takes coordination and dedication to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.  Learn how hayylo can help you get there.

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