engage with customers using segmentation software
Aged, disability and home health care providers want to create a unique experience for every customer. Because every customer is different and their needs are always changing, knowing how to tailor their experience can be a challenge. hayylo’s segmentation engine is a customer engagement tool that enhances community participation by personalising your customer’s home care journey. Engage your community of customers, their families and friends, through customised offers or activities tailored to your customers ever changing needs.
provide a point of difference with hayylo
Like with great customer service, it’s the little things that make the difference. hayylo’s engagement tool is perfect for providers looking to create value and stand out from the crowd. By segmenting customer data based on location, date, type or customer preference, your managers and teams can send tailored offers or activity to customers and their families.

What’s your point of difference?

  • gardening
  • social outings
  • fitness and yoga classes
  • health and wellbeing


Because your teams can send tailored offers to a segment of customers who have indicated their interest in a particular service or activity in the past, your offers become more targeted over time. With hayylo, you can grow your engagement and communication with customers by offering them the things that they want or need, when they need them. Great customer service is knowing what your customers want before they ask.
build a community for your customers
Customers and their families can access and even pay for your activities and offers directly through your branded mobile app. You can notify customers about new offers or activities as little or as often as you like. By offering a new activity, event or service, you give your customers and their families an opportunity to purchase something extra from time to time. Customers can book and pay for the offers and activities they like, or use hayylo’s ‘crowdfunding’ tool that lets customers and their families chip in for that special occasion or extra service. Customers can now enjoy targeted, thoughtful suggestions that enhance their home care experience and journey.


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