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Over 46% of customers have a family member active in helping them arrange services. With hayylo, customers and their families are making decisions together. Through care collaboration and feedback, aged, disability and home health care providers and their customers can stay informed and connected with ease. The software’s social feature creates a space for customers, their families and providers to grow and strengthen care connections. Customers and their connected family members can give valuable feedback on services, support teams and their general experience with their provider. Everyone can share photos and information, making the customer experience even more personalised. The software encourages information sharing between care providers, customers and their families that is timely, relevant and helpful. 

improving services in aged, disability and home health care
Through the customer experience platform, hayylo keeps care providers informed of the customer journey, from the customer’s point of view.

The feedback feature provides insights into:

  • what services can be improved to make the customer service experience even better
  • which support team members are doing an outstanding job to keep customers happy
  • how satisfied customers and their families are with the service


Like all hayylo features, the feedback tool is completely optional, but can be a real asset to care providers who want to better understand their customers’ needs, in order to deliver exceptional service.  The platform allows customers and their families to provide live feedback, so that your teams know what works, what doesn’t, and what services customers want to see more of. Let hayylo take the guesswork out of making service improvements.

an app where everyone’s feedback counts

Support teams can use the feedback feature to post an update via the app for customers and their families when services are completed.  These can be updates about the support given, observations about the customer’s welfare and other general comments. Customers and their families can also rate the services they receive with a 1 – 5 star rating and an optional comments section.  The app is a true care collaboration tool, where everybody can track feedback, make comments and join in the conversation. With the hayylo app, customers and their families are at ease knowing that they, and their loved ones, are well looked after by people they know and trust.


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