self service software gives customers a voice
hayylo’s self service feature is all about connecting your customer to your aged, disability and home care services.  It’s about quick and efficient communication so that customers don’t have to spend unnecessary time waiting on the phone to ask a simple question. The hayylo software does this by automating customer queries and requests and turning them into ‘actions’, which are tickets delivered to your managers and teams for resolution.

The software lets customers start the conversation when they need something, and prompts you to finish the rest of the story and reach out to them once complete. Using the self service channel, customers can enjoy a seamless journey from question to answer.  Do you have a question that needs answering?

self service leads to customer satisfaction and retention

Managing self service via the customer experience platform reduces calls rates by over 25%.  With hayylo, your managers and teams have more time to work through customer requests, instead of spending their time logging them. Customers also spend less time waiting on hold, which promotes a positive view of your services and fosters a sense of control. Customers who aren’t being put on hold are also generally happier, and so are their family members who support them when engaging your services. Great customer service can lift morale within your organisation whilst self service creates efficiency and reduces operational costs. By transforming customer requests into actions that are sent directly to your managers and teams, hayylo helps you track and attend to your customer’s needs at the right time, every time.
empower customers to ask questions and seek answers
Through the self service app customers can ask questions, lodge requests, update or cancel visits, book events and even view their statements or make payments online, all at the touch of a button. This self service feature is presented in a clean, simple and elegant design, making it easy to use even for those with limited app exposure.  With the self service app, customers enjoy 24/7 access to information about new offers and activities, service schedules, and more. They can also make general enquiries, whenever it suits them. Customers have control over what they access and how often they do so, all from their mobile phone or tablet.  With hayylo’s self service app customers are empowered to make informed choices when it comes to their services.


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