The ROI (Return on Investment) of Care Team’s Time

This is what your teams could look like tomorrow.

Across Australia, care providers face increasing care requests and calls to return that overwhelm teams with routine tasks. Hayylo unburdens care teams of the admin work by giving clients visibility of who’s coming and when.

Find out how much time and effort your teams could save, and focus on what really matters.

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Tested and approved by leading providers, Hayylo gives care teams back 60% of their time.

Hayylo, on average, returns 4-6x your investment with savings in staff time and operational cost. Less time spent on admin and repetitive tasks mean more time for your teams to spend on what actually matter – the customers. Get in touch with us to understand baseline metrics and get more detail.

Every enquiry is a communication. Hayylo streamlines all these enquiries and automates notifications so that teams can focus on care outcomes instead of admin. Clients and support workers have multiple ways to check their schedules and provide quick updates that won’t burden anyone.

The estimates are calculated based on user data on the Hayylo platform and Australia-based hourly salaries. As a Hayylo user, you’d receive a monthly usage report, so you’re always on top of your ROI with Hayylo.

Hayylo billing is monthly and depends on the number of active customers you have on the platform that month. Active customers are the people who engaged with any of Hayylo’s features and do not include family members and friends.

If you have more questions or would like a personalised session, get in touch with us.