a purpose built solution for aged, disability and home health care providers

hayylo’s customer experience platform enhances communication and service delivery for your customers and your organisation. We understand most groups are busy providing services to the community, so hayylo takes the complexity out of getting started by doing the heavy lifting for you, training teams and supporting your customers along the way.

hayylo works along an implementation pathway that simplifies innovation. You choose the features and we take care of the set-up, adds and changes ongoing, assisting your organisation to reach its innovation goals.

hello hayylo

Great customer service isn’t an outcome, it’s an experience, it’s how you make your customers feel.

provide more with active customer subscriptions & insights


hayylo’s tiered subscription approach offers an on-demand model that lets you invest as you grow while giving customers more. Because hayylo is designed to grow with you, you can focus on the important things, your customers.

Customer expectations are changing but the need for high-quality services has not. hayylo’s customer experience platform offers ‘customer insights’ paired with ‘customer communications’ building a strong foundation between care providers, their customers and their families. hayylo ensures your organisation delivers exceptional customer experiences through our insights and analytics dashboards.


setting up the hayylo customer experience platform

A hayylo project starts with the important things first, providing enhanced communication to customers and families. Because hayylo is a fully managed platform, hayylo works closely with you towards a successful implementation across any environment.

Each implementation starts with a discovery session, learning about your data, processes and communication rules. From there hayylo does the rest, configuring and connecting your environment through our API’s and automation engine. When your people are ready to come on board, our highly skilled project teams are there to support them through every step.

results to expect

Increased customer satisfaction


Communication optimisation


Deep customer insights


Improved team morale

Supported innovation


Better customer experiences


extending the platform with the hayylo powered customer app

The provider branded customer app is a great way to connect your customers to a seamless experience. Being connected through the app elevates the connection between teams, customers and families.

Users can see their services and schedules, create requests, book, and even pay for offers in real-time. The branded app experience lets everyone know they are in control and you are there to supporting them in whatever you can.

Customers and teams can even provide feedback, continually driving ongoing improvement. Insights gathered across their collective journey will help your organisation gauge customer sentiment and anticipate future needs in real time.


hayylo is continuously improving. Our agile and collaborative approach means that your organisation will have the support it needs to stay ahead of changes in the industry and developments in customer demand.

ready to take the next steps with hayylo?

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