Campaigns allow teams to broadcast important messages to anyone, on any channel

Multi-channel approach

A multi channel approach ensures you’ll reach 100% of customers and team members

Customers expect to be kept informed, not just about their general services, but about any updates that may affect their day to day life. The Campaigns feature takes that communication to the next level, allowing care organisations to push out timely updates such as health alerts, weather warnings, or new service offerings to the right people at the right time. Hayylo Campaigns allow for SMS blasts, custom offers and email campaigns through seamless integration with your email platforms. This ensures customers and teams never miss an update, with multiple touchpoints to keep them in the loop on their preferred channel.

Data Segmentation

Segment your data to make sure your messages go to the right people

Hyper-refine your campaigns and make sure your message is going to the right people. Not only can you create custom audience lists of different teams, support workers, customers and family members but you can drill down within that. The platform allows you to filter a segment based on when certain audience members were last contacted, what service they receive and even if they have any unspent funds.

Responsive Communication

Stay responsive and get out urgent information with SMS broadcasts

If you need to get a message out, and now, the broadcast SMS feature is a great option. SMS messages through Hayylo’s Campaign feature are integrated with your current system of record, so no uploads or csv files required. This comes with reduced SMS costs which are simply passed through, and is a core feature of the Hayylo platform.

Build a community

Push out emails and custom Offers

Hayylo allows for EDM blasts to your key audiences, all of which can be tracked and reported on from within the Campaigns dashboard. Broadcast new services or special offers through any channel, including the branded app experience which offers a seamless experience for customers to instantly view, offer details, book, and pay all through the app.

Update, alert and promote with Hayylo Campaigns

Easily communicate surveys or ask for valuable feedback, push out urgent messages such as health alerts, and offer new services all from one central platform with multiple channels to ensure your message reaches 100% of your audience

Hayylo, is a better way to provide care

We’ve brought in the best technology from other sectors to create better communication capabilities for providers, their support teams, their customers and their families to drive a better customer experience while reducing operational costs.