Put your customers in control of their care with Hayylo Engage

Customer Management

Empower customers to manage their service and stay independent for longer

The future is now, with people more connected than ever through smartphones and technology. With an increasingly tech-savvy aging population, customers expect more from their services. The Hayylo Customer Experience app puts each customer’s care directly into their own hands, giving them immediate access to their services and the power to manage their own services.

Customer Empowerment

Allow customers to easily manage their schedule or submit requests

Self-service features allow customers to quickly view their schedules and log a request, ask a simple question, or make a service change. Every request made through the app experience automatically becomes a Smart Action and is assigned and communicated to the correct internal team members.

Service and Budget Management

View budgets and get access to new offers and services

Through the branded app customers can view their statements and budgets so they’re always in financial control, as well as directly pay for any services through the app’s integrated payment portal. Any offer or activity you push out through the Campaigns feature can be quickly viewed, booked and paid for with just a few clicks.

Keep everyone connected

Stay connected with social feeds and video calling features

Social Feeds is where it all comes together, share one to one posts with customers and families or important updates to anyone with a click of a button. Providers are even using the social feeds to share micro training and emergency updates. The Hayylo Social feature is all about collaboration and sharing insights across your community. Collaboration and connection has never been easier.

Evolve with your customers and keep them engaged with you

It all starts with service. The Hayylo core offering works to ensure your service standard never drops, and teams, customers and family members are always kept in the know. Care is a two-way street, and the final step is ensuring your customers communicate and interact with you. The Hayylo customer experience platforms keeps customers actively engaged and connected to the services and people that matter to them in a holistic way.

Hayylo, is a better way to provide care

We’ve brought in the best technology from other sectors to create better communication capabilities for providers, their support teams, their customers and their families to drive a better customer experience while reducing operational costs.