Hayylo empowers customers, care teams, and organisations with streamlined and simplified communication.

Better communication makes better connections

Exceptional care means tailored service to a customer’s changing needs, but communicating changes means answering the same questions.

Who’s coming? When? Can I change something? Through our work with Australia’s leading care providers, we realised that so much time was invested in answering these simple questions. These routine updates drive up operational costs stealing both time and focus away from the provision of quality care.

Improve. Enhance. Connect.

We don’t believe in innovation for the sake of it. Every core feature of Hayylo was designed to simplify and streamline the care process by allowing providers to better communicate and connect with their customers. Hayylo enables providers to automate service changes, improve access to information and enhance customer relationships with timely push notifications.

Exceptional Customer Service Experiences

Improve customer service with integrated systems and automated updates

Hayylo facilitates back office teams with their task management, collating daily tasks into a single intuitive space. All leading scheduling, client management, and budgeting software seamlessly integrates with Hayylo to improve customer relationships. Automated service updates keeps the entire circle of care involved at the touch of a button, with 50% of customers already choosing our platform as their preferred communication channel.

Broadcast Important Updates with Ease

Keep customers and care teams in the know with enhanced communication

Multi-channel communication allows providers to reach customers over SMS, email, and push notifications. Whether it’s a time-sensitive emergency update, an important internal message, or a service offer, Hayylo provides enhanced communication to ensure customers and care teams never miss a beat. Hayylo Campaigns even let’s providers target specific audiences, because tailored messaging builds stronger, personalised relationships.

Customer Controlled Care

Give customers control of their care and connection with their community.

Give customers a sense of independence with Hayylo. Customers are able to manage their service schedule to what suits their needs, and adjust their service as their needs change. Hayylo also keeps customers engaged with the community around them with a social feed and one-touch video calling. We believe an engaged customer is an empowered customer, which is why we give customers control of their own care.

Hayylo is the better way to provide care.

We’ve combined the best technology from different sectors to streamline the care communication process. Better communication makes a better experience for customers, their care teams, and their families, all at the touch of a button.