Exceed Aged Care Quality Standards with Hayylo

Setting the new standard of care

These modern standards of service are reflected in the Aged Care Quality Standards which set the benchmark for quality care across Australia since July 2019. Adhering to these standards is applying pressure on providers to adapt their services and the effects of COVID-19 has fast-tracked the need to implement more effective communication systems.

Hayylo gives providers the opportunity to not only achieve the new standards of care, but also allows them to efficiently respond to the changing regulations with COVID-19. Our modern approach to care means providers can save time and costs by unifying multiple communication systems into a single intuitive space.

Through our intuitive multi-channel communications and service management, Hayylo is proud to achieve over 60% of these standards for providers, ensuring quality aged care with the touch of a button.


Consumer dignity and choice

The Hayylo app provides customers with full control over their care, ensuring that customers retain their autonomy and sense of self. Every customer is unique and deserves the opportunity to tailor their service to their own needs. 


 Ongoing Assessment and Planning

Hayylo’s platform provides the perfect forum to foster ongoing relationships between providers and consumers. Hayylo’s collaborative platform provides transparent involvement in the care plan to all relevant people.

Personal Care

Personal and Clinical Care

Hayylo takes a collaborative approach to care. Care workers are able to keep providers immediately informed of any changes to physical, cognitive, or emotional wellbeing, allowing for immediate action to be taken.


Services and Support for Daily Living

Independence isn’t a luxury, but a necessity in providing quality aged, community and disability support services . Hayylo promotes community engagement within and outside the organisation.


Organisation’s Service Environment

With optimised communication between the customer and provider, Hayylo gives customers and support teams a platform to voice feedback and concerns about the working environment.


Feedback and Complaints

Hayylo is available around the clock. This means that feedback can occur at any time and at the point of service delivery, from customers, carers, and family members alike.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Hayylo helps providers achieve the standard for respectful workforce and customer interaction. Organisations are able to stay involved in the provision of care and ensure that each customer receives respect towards their identity, culture, and diversity.


Organisational Governance

The customer is involved in every aspect of their care with Hayylo. Not only does a customer’s involvement in managing their own services and care provide independence, it also allows a better understanding of the changing needs of customers to the provider.

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