Manage your day to day activities, but better, with automated service and notification features

Everyday is different

Manage your changes and challenges with Hayylo

Servicing your customers needs and managing multiple teams can be complex and time consuming, especially when things change. Hayylo’s ‘Service’ reduces manual workload by automating routine tasks and communications and instantly logging new tasks as they arise.

Multi channel communication means you can instantly and automatically reach 100% of teams, family members and customers on their preferred channel, SMS, APP, Email and even Phone

Smart Automation

Reduce manual workload and automate your tasks

A change as simple as replacing a customer’s support worker for a single shift can mean multiple follow up calls and emails to internal teams, customers, and family members.

Not only does this result in time lost working through manual processes, but it leaves room to miss a communication or make a mistake. Customers and their families want to be informed when it comes to their care and the care of their loved ones. They want to make sure the right person turns up at the right time, to do the right job.

Smart Actions

Automate tasks and notifications with Actions

Hayylo’s smart analysis engine links directly with tools like scheduling software to automatically create Action tickets and Smart Notifications. Smart Notifications ensure any schedule or service changes are communicated to the correct internal teams and customers through multi channel updates.

Action tickets ensure the right task is assigned to the right team member, and move cohesively through the care team until they’re successfully completed and you’re left with a satisfied customer.

Manage customer calls and ensure they always have access to their information

On average, each customer call costs care organisations $2.30, and many are to field routine questions like confirming a customer’s next service date. Smart Numbers gives your customers instant access to the information they need, even if they aren’t tech enabled or don’t have access to a smartphone. With just a customer’s landline or mobile number, Hayylo is able to identify and present them with all their relevant information from the moment they call.

Track and report tasks in real time with the Hayylo dashboard and Smart Insights

Hayylo’s core features work cohesively to ensure all enquiries and tasks are received, tracked and reported on in real time. Every member of the care team knows what job they have to do and when they have to do it, and every customer is empowered to manage their own service, faster and better.