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Client communication simplified!

Hayylo is the platform that connects everyone. The piece of the puzzle that ensures everyone stays up to date. The way everyone stays connected.

Are you ready? Promote a truly connected model of service delivery.

What makes Hayylo different? We are a provider branded, fully integrated communication platform with multiple options for you to reach your clients. Your branded app, SMS chat, call centre integration and e-mail routing so you never miss a client promise. Just let good convos flow…


Simplifying service delivery

Hayylo Service

Brilliant communication needs smart management. A truly single, intuitive space to support team members by organising daily tasks and automating service notifications. Hayylo Service makes sure nobody is out of the loop.

For Perfect Timing

Hayylo Campaigns

Engage with the right client at the right time. Hayylo Campaigns is the most cost-effective way to broadcast communication at scale, from emergency responses to highlighting your programs and services. Combining e-commerce, a digital marketplace and broadcast communications purpose-built for the care sector.

Empower independence

Hayylo Engage

Give customers more independence and control of their care with Hayylo’s provider branded app. Create exceptional care experiences and engage family and carers with easy access to information, automatic updates and self-service options that help drive down costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction and wellbeing.

Featured Case Study — integratedliving Australia

“Hayylo is the conduit between data, back-end and communications with customers”