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Aged Care’s Chosen Platform for Better Communication

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Helping aged care customers stay in their home for longer

By giving you the tools to drive better communication across your organisation. Our smart software automates and tracks everything from service requests to support worker changes to ensure the right communication gets to the people who need it when they need it.


Keep everyone in the loop

Smart notifications so you never miss an update

Internal teams and customers will never miss an update with automated support and service messages, two-way SMS features, feedback and social feeds, and a centralised customer dashboard

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Streamline communications and never miss a beat

The Hayylo platform automates every action from requesting a new service to a care team member calling in sick. Action tickets ensure all team members know what job needs to be done, and when, and automatic notifications to customers keep them in the loop and reassured

Seamless integrations

Enable team members to work more efficiently

Hayylo integrates with all scheduling software and leading provider tools, simplifying the manual processes many organisations are currently bound to, and allowing teams to work more efficiently across one central platform

Featured Case Study — integratedliving Australia

“Hayylo has helped us focus more on the customer”