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an award winning customer experience platform, helping aged care teams communicate, collaborate and never miss a customer promise.

automate & track your processes, making it easy to manage customer interactions.

Aged, disability and home health care providers work with multiple complex systems to manage their customers journey. Supporting those in need to navigate through what are often difficult times is best accomplished with both mind and heart. hayylo’s customer experience platform merges your data with your customer experience using the same principle. Technology that has human emotion at heart.
Fragmented software systems in care provision results in challenging interactions. hayylo unites your systems and ensures valuable long term customer relationships. Our software and system integrations are developed with the customer in mind and presented using the face of your brand. The software merges customer data points into a single customer view, resulting in clarity that empowers care teams to drive extraordinary customer service.   Hello hayylo.


connect your brand seamlessly into your customer’s journey



The hayylo customer experience platform is designed to streamline your business touchpoints at every stage. From care planning all the way to the heart felt smile of a satisfied customer. hayylo’s customer experience platform allows your team to quickly adapt and respond to customers at each step of their journey.

A customer experience platform powered by your data
Let your customers always know, who’s coming and when
Customised and purpose built for community care
Full customer interactivity with the hayylo self branded app
Configure your organisations structure, processes and rules
Personalise and automate communication
Optimise and automate internal workflows
Leverage customer information and insights
360’ view across integrated systems
Integrate your existing software via our API
the only customer experience platform for care providers that focuses on the customer.
A highly functional aged, disability and home health care environment provides teams with visibility over key activities and performance metrics from multiple channels in one central platform. Working teams receive timely actionable insights which are automated into workflows to ensure an exceptional level of support for your customers is delivered.  Hello hayylo.
hayylo cultivates a customer centric work culture which creates customer experiences to remember.
effortlessly exceed your customer’s expectations. Hello hayylo app.
A hayylo app customer journey begins with immediate engagement. The secure and self branded app provides customers immediate access to all their services. Being purpose built for community services ensures quick adoption and leaves customers feeling empowered and in control. Customers and families can now interact with your services, in an instant. Using hayylo’s intelligent self-branded software and apps ensures customer interactions are centralised, creating exceptional customer service. Continuous customer insights develop into rich customer profiles which further enhance their experience.
Your customer’s lives rapidly transform when they realise they are no longer struggling to be heard.  They are now understood, nurtured and loved.
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