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We keep everyone informed.
It’s that simple!

Think of Hayylo as the hub – the platform that connects everyone. The piece of the puzzle that ensures everyone stays up to date. The way everyone stays connected.

Helping aged care customers stay in their homes for longer.

We give providers the tools to drive better communication and all round better care. With automated tasks we make sure the right message gets to the people who need it when they need it.


Collaborative Communication

Hayylo Service

Hayylo Service enables streamlined communication and task management for back office teams. Manage and support team members by keeping track of their daily tasks in a single intuitive space. With automatic notifications sent to customers when things change, Hayylo makes sure nobody is out of the loop. Simple, connected, once and done communication.

Perfectly Timed and Targeted

Hayylo Campaigns

The easiest way to keep families updated about their loved one’s care. Hayylo Campaigns is the most cost-effective way to broadcast news, updates, and emergency response. Targeted messaging allows you to communicate with everyone, or a select few, ensuring all communication is instant and personal.

Build Better Relationships

Hayylo Engage

Create exceptional customer service experiences with Hayylo Engage. Give customers more independence and control of their own care with our provider branded apps. Automatic updates and self-service features help drive down costs by reducing manual tasks.

Featured Case Study — integratedliving Australia

“Hayylo has helped us focus more on the customer”